Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jill Zarin Wants To Quit ‘Real Housewives Of New York City’

It’s all up in the air. No one knows which of the The Real Housewives of New York City are staying or going, but Jill Zarin “told me that she doesn’t want to go back to the show,” Cooper Lawrence, host of the nationally syndicated Cooper Lawrence Radio Show, tells!

“[Jill] said there were compelling reasons to not return,” explained Cooper, who spoke with Jill over the phone while Jill was at dinner with Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger. “She wants to go on a spiritual journey!”

It sounds like Jill may be trying to run away from her problems, or at least one problem specifically — her co-star Bethenny Frankel! After all the fighting we’ve seen between the two ex-BFFs on season three, as well as her countless attempts to make amends with Bethenny only ending in refusals, it’s no surprise that Jill has had enough.
I think that Jill really is heartbroken over losing Bethenny's friendship this year, but Jill needs to confront the fact that her childish antics played a huge part in why it ended. Some could argue that Bethenny should stop holding a grudge and forgive the "mean Girl", but Bethenny's such a different person now with a new marriage, baby, TV show, etc., who needs the drama Jill creates? I'm of the opinion that RHONYC could survive without Jill, but I'd be lying if I said that she wouldn't be missed.


  1. You attribute Jill with all sorts of altruistic motives that she has yet to evince. Since her book ("it's IN THE book") came out to less than rave reviews, and the price dropped by more than 50% as sales flounder, she seems to me to be doing some damage control. Too little, too late, Jill.

    I reviewed their book as being (in the vernacular of both Samuel Johnson and Mark Twain) both good and original. Unfortunately, the good parts were in no way original or endemic to Jewish mothers, and the original parts were pompous and stereotyped. That review never made it into the official ones they accepted. As a scientist, I have to use all the evidence, whether it favors my desired hypothesis, or not. Fortunately, Jill, Lisa, and "I'm not happy" adhered to no such standard.

    Dr. Debra Stewart Tyler, TX

  2. Real housewives, real psychological disorders? Read, join the discussion and judge for yourself!

  3. She's a cancerous cunt.

  4. I think Jill got a bad rap! Alex is the real "mean girl"!