Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Official: Dina Manzo Is Done With RHONJ

Dina is done: In what will be her last confessional, Dina recounts her relationship with Danielle, calls her "dangerous," and says, "I've tried. I'm done. I'm out." Dina decide to stop fliming to avoid further contact with Danielle, producers say in an endnote. "Her cats full support her decision."
Not shocked really. In season one, while Dina came off as nice most of the time (and we all adored her daughter Lexi), sometimes she came off as arrogant in an "I'm so above the drama" sort of way, which was weird considering that she the first NJ 'Housewive' to venture into reality-TV when she had her wedding filmed for "My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding" a few years back. In other words, Dina had a headstart in knowing what realty-TV was about so she certainly couldn't be too surprised at the need for drama to develop in order for t show to be a success. Then too, the fact that husband Tommy refused to appear on the show from the start was always strange to me. Granted Dina tried to be nicer this season and even gave Danielle a clean slate, but frankly speaking RHONJ wouldn't be half as popular without Danielle's antics, which I think Dina just couldn't take anymore (not because she was jealous, I just think she truly wants her life to be drama free). From her sessions with Zen Gen to Grandma Wrinkles to Lexi to all the work she does with charities, folks will miss seeing Dina, but at the end of the day I don't think she should've done RHONJ to begin with.