Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dorinda Medley Reveals the Big Difference Between 'RHONY' Seasons 8 and 9
It's almost time to return to the Big Apple.

Season nine of The Real Housewives of New York City is a mere two days away from premiering and we couldn't be more amped up to have our favorite east coast Bravolebrities back in our lives. We've watched the trailer at least a hundred times, we've already memorized their incredible new taglines, and now we're turning to the ladies themselves to get really push our excitement into overdrive. 

E! News recently sat down with Queen of the Berkshires herself, Dorinda Medley, to get the lowdown on the new season, where she clued us in on the big difference we'll notice this time around.
"I think last year, when we left the season last year, I think it came off as a little dark. I think people sort of ran away at the end of the season, I think you even felt that at the reunion," she admitted. "This season...people reconcile the relationships that maybe went wrong last year. New friendships are made, and it's not such a bifurcated group. Last year, I felt like there was Team A and Team B and if you were Team B, you couldn't be friends with Team A. You're going to see a lot more crossover and much more interaction with people you wouldn't expect."

Of course, that doesn't mean the season will be short on drama, especially when it comes to Dorinda and her former pal, Sonja Morgan. "She just sort of consistently went behind my back to other people, to other sources, and was just saying dreadful things about me again," she teased of their bumpy road ahead. "My whole thing is: Say it to me. Don't say it about me. You want to say it? Don't be a coward and run to anyone that'll listen."
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