Friday, December 2, 2016

Testimony Begins In Son of Lauri Waring's Attempted Murder Trial
Two people who said they were shot at by the son of a former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star testified Wednesday in a preliminary hearing about the “chaos” at the shooting scene in Costa Mesa.

When gunfire erupted outside of a home at 2959 Babb St., one of the victims, who lived in a garage there, said, “I turned and ran in the other direction toward the main house … That walkway was like a shooting gallery. It was horrible.”

One of the victims, Danny Lopez, “was shot, but he wasn't sure he was shot or not. It was chaos,” testified Jennifer M, whose last name was withheld in court.

When asked how many times the defendant, Joshua Michael Waring, 27, opened fire from a white 2011 BMW X3, Jennifer said, “I just knew it was a lot. At least eight. I saw every one of them -- the flashing.”

The BMW slowly rolled by the house as the gunfire rang out in rapid succession, Jennifer testified. Then the car “sped off,” she said.

“I called the police to let them know someone had been shot,” she testified.

When police arrived, they ordered everyone out of the house, but Jennifer testified she was reluctant to leave her bleeding friend as she tended to him. Another friend told police that Jennifer “was pregnant at the time.”

Jennifer added that about a week after the shooting, “I had a miscarriage. I don't know if it was because of this.”

Waring, who is acting as his own attorney, attempted to undermine Jennifer's testimony as he cross-examined her.

Waring asked her, “Is this the first time we've met?”

“No, we've met before,” she replied.

When Waring pressed further, Jennifer said that the defendant was at the Babb Street house once before when they were both there, but she wasn't “100 percent” sure they were introduced.
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