Saturday, December 31, 2016

Cynthia Bailey's Ex Peter Thomas says that Phaedra Parks Always Knew About Apollo Nida's Criminal Ways
The drama never stops on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and now Phaedra Parks is part of it once again. Peter Thomas is speaking out and saying that Phaedra actually knew all about the illegal things that Apollo was doing. Of course, Phaedra has never admitted to knowing about what he was doing. All About the Tea shared the details about what Peter had to say.

Peter Thomas is Cynthia Bailey's ex, and he reached out to a radio station in Charlotte called Power 98 FM. While talking to them, Peter talked about he feels like Phaedra is fake. It is very obvious that he is not a fan of hers. He says that Phaedra has two sides. One of them is her great religious side, and he said that her other side is a total freak. He is also saying that the rumors that Phaedra Parks had an affair with someone named Mr. Chocolate are totally true. He even says that he saw the proof on Apollo's phone.

While on the radio show, Peter Thomas wasn't holding back about calling Phaedra out. Peter even says that Apollo was faithful to Phaedra and if he hadn't been then he would have been caught for sure. 

The shocking thing that Peter had to share was that he says that Phaedra Parks allegedly knew all about the illegal stuff that Apollo was doing and basically told him not to get caught doing it. As Peter said, Phaedra is a lawyer. He explained that he feels like there was no way that Phaedra couldn't know that Apollo was committing fraud when he was bringing home all kinds of new stuff, but didn't have a paystub to explain where it was coming from. He says that Phaedra has only gone to see Apollo twice. One time for him to sign their divorce papers and the other time was because the network made her take the kids to see him according to Peter. He isn't holding much back.
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