Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lisa Wu "Has Nothing To Do With" Ex-Husband Ed Hartwell & Keshia Knight Pulliam's Split
If you’ve been keeping up with the drama that is Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell’s split, you know that the name of his ex-wife, Lisa Wu, has entered the conversation. And while Pulliam has spoken out about Wu, clearing the air about whether or not she violated any friendship they may have had by being involved with Hartwell, we incorrectly brought Wu’s name into the conversation after confusing her for an ex Hartwell told Page Six TV he still cared for and consoled after she lost a baby. That woman also has a daughter. Hartwell claims he was instructed not to speak to both individuals after telling Pulliam about that situation.
But that woman isn’t Wu, and we wanted to ensure after the slip-up that you obtained the correct information: She didn’t lose a baby, doesn’t have a daughter, and wants no parts of her ex-husband’s drama. A rep for the Hollywood Divas star helped us get our facts straight. They stated that out of respect for their co-parenting relationship, Wu doesn’t have anything to say about the couple’s split.

“Lisa has remained silent throughout this whole ordeal because A) it has nothing to do with her B) she is still co-parenting her 9-year-old son EJ with Ed and doesn’t want to say anything negative about his father C) this is a PRIVATE matter that Ed & Keisha need to work through amicably and privately and not on national TV and blogs,” her rep stated. “Lisa was never pregnant a few months ago so she never had a miscarriage or ‘lost a baby.’ Lisa does not have a 13 year old daughter or a daughter period!”

Wu does have three sons: two with ex-husband Keith Sweat, and the aforementioned EJ with Hartwell. As Wu shared in an interview with HipHollywood, as long as their son was happy with his dad and Pulliam’s relationship, she was happy for her ex, saying, “my son is happy. He likes her. That’s all that matters. She’s great to my son, then I’m great to her. If she wasn’t, then there would be a problem.”
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