Saturday, July 23, 2016

Carole Radziwill Goes After Dorinda Medley For Being A 'Sh-t-Stirrer'
Carole Radziwill is one unhappy camper. She decided to remain on the Real Housewives of New York despite her partner in crime, Heather Thomson, not returning. Now Radziwill has teamed up with Bethenny Frankel and pretty much shut out the rest of the cast. In the beginning, it seemed that she would be bonding with the newbie, Jules Wainstein, but that is no longer the case. With everything going on and the ladies being able to watch the episodes play back, Radziwill has a lot to say about her co-stars.

This season in particular has made Carole Radziwill appear less fun and more uppity than usual. She is currently upset about Dorinda Medley and the comments she has made during her mini interviews on the Real Housewives of New York. In fact, Radziwill was so mad about what was said, she took to Twitter to call Medley out. According to All About the Tea, Carole Radziwill thinks she has been treated poorly, even more so than any of the other ladies on the show. While that may be taking it a little too far, she has been called some very harsh and vulgar things by the women she believed were her friends. Now that Radziwill is on Bethenny Frankel’s best friend list, the two have started to become the mean girls of the group.
It is true that Dorinda Medley has said some questionable things about Carole Radziwill and played both sides of the fence since the drama began this season on the Real Housewives of New York. She seems to be deflecting the hatred for her boyfriend and playing on the bad blood between Radziwill and LuAnn de Lesseps. It all got kicked off when Medley was celebrating her birthday in the Berkshires. Bethenny Frankel had words with de Lesseps and it caused a world of drama between the ladies. A few weeks later, Radziwill and Frankel found themselves being judgmental about Jules Wainstein during a pizza-making event. Since then, it has been a downward spiral.

Recent reports have indicated that Bravo is bored with Carole Radziwill and wants her gone next season. Bethenny Frankel reportedly told Andy Cohen and the people at the network that she will not return unless Radziwill is back. The two have bonded quite nicely this season, much to the dismay of the others. She has never been one to call people out or get upset easily, but Radziwill has had enough. She no longer wishes to interact with most of the cast, even admitting that she is annoyed with Jules Wainstein. Lucky for Radziwill, Jules will not be returning to the Real Housewives of New York for another season.
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