Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dolores Catania Threatens Teresa Giudice Tell-All
Prepare yourselves for some major Real Housewives of New Jersey drama.

One of the show’s newest ladies, Dolores Catania, is already posing a threat to OG star Teresa Giudice and threatening a takedown because they have major history.

“Dolores and Teresa grew up together, and she has a lot of dirt on Teresa,” a source tells Life & Style. “Dolores has been threatening Teresa, telling her she will blast her if she crosses her this season.”

Sounds like the mother of four should watch her back on Season 7! But to be honest, we think she can handle herself since she’s the only cast member who’s served time in prison.

Plus, who else can say they made a name for themselves by flipping tables on national TV?

Teresa herself claims to go “way back” with Dolores, harkening back to her 20’s, and describes her as having “a tough exterior but a really big heart.”

The insider claims Dolores is planning to write a tell-all book about incarcerated Joe Giudice’s wife should things get bumpy for her this season, giving the newcomer the “upper hand.”
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