Monday, September 7, 2015

Tamra And Eddie Judge Fight Over $8,000 Gift To Son
On the next episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra and Eddie Judge have an intense dinner that leads to the couple disagreeing on how to help their oldest son. Tamra, who was a single divorced mom to 30-year-old Ryan before marrying Eddie, decided to give her son nearly $8,000 in moving expenses without consulting new hubby. In previous episodes Tamra brushed giving Ryan the money off saying that she would eventually bring it up to Eddie.Tamra wanted Ryan and his girlfriend to move back to Orange County since the couple just had a baby, her first grandchild.

Back to the tension at dinner in the current episode. Eddie blows up at Tamra accusing her of being an enabler to Ryan. “He’s not a baby, he’s a man.” Eddie said over dinner. “He has to pay us back, this is a loan.” Tamra tells Eddie that she does not think this is a big deal and Eddie gets even tougher. “I think you’re making a big mistake.” He added.

Tamra and Eddie aren’t the only ones fighting in this episode. Vicki Gunvalson and her daughter Briana are fighting about Brooks again. Vicki’s boyfriend Brooks continues to be a sore spot with her daughter who does not like him. The two ladies end up yelling at each other and Vicki says she’s not arguing anymore about it in front of the cameras - ouch! Reality stars don’t typically acknowledge the cameras unless something super personal goes down that they don’t want documented on film for the show.

Also in this episode Shannon and David Beador get ambushed by their kids to have a sweet romantic dinner alone at home.  
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