Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Brooks Ayers Finally Reveals Medical Records, But the Ladies Still Aren't Convinced He Has Cancer
Here’s the proof! Well, kind of. 

On the Sept. 28 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Brooks Ayers finally revealed his medical records — but Tamra Judge et al remain unconvinced he's telling the truth about his cancer. Plus, Heather and Terry Dubrow launched their skincare line on a home-shopping channel, and Vicki Gunvalson proved that she is the queen of passive-aggressive text messages. Oh, and during a meeting with her pastor, Tamra compared baptism to coming out of the closet and called for a “blonde version of the Bible.” Read the recap for more ridiculous(ly amazing) moments! Click here to see current pics of the Real Housewives' kids.

Date Night
Shannon and David Beador have made repairing their marriage their first priority this season, and during this episode’s date night, their relationship looked stronger than ever. After the couple got settled at a beautiful beachside restaurant (aka Shannon ordered her signature Grey Goose soda with lime), they began to chat about their day.

“I talked on the phone a lot to Tamra and Heather,” Shannon said to David’s surprise. “Three months ago, I didn’t know if I could even trust Tamra or if they were my friends, and now I feel like both of them are really getting along.” 

"You were pretty close with Vicki and Brooks,” David responded. He mentioned the lunch that Shannon and Vicki had the day before and asked, “So you’re still close, aren’t you?” 

“That’s questionable,” she answered, reaching for her vodka cocktail.
After Vicki had left the lunch in tears the previous afternoon, she had sent Shannon a lengthy — and sassy — text message. Because what’s a sit-down with the OG of the OC without backlash?

“I’m extremely upset and hurt from lunch,” Shannon read to the camera. “Yes Shannon, I’m pissed and saddened by this BS. By the way, I never said that you were nasty and threatening. I said the lunch was nasty, which in my opinion, it was.” 

“I’ve only tried to help and I know that I’ve been a good friend,” Shannon told David, referring to the emotional support and medical references she had given Vicki after Brooks first claimed that he had cancer. “If she doesn’t think so, then that’s a real shame.” 
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