Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Porsha Williams Opens Up On Alleged Cynthia Bailey Attack

Porsha Williams has stayed mum about her run-in with Cynthia Bailey that ended with her kicking Williams in the gut (allegedly) while taping Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she is able to joke about it now.

She made an appearance on The Tom Joyner Morning Show earlier this week and said she couldn’t say too much about it, but that didn’t stop her from laughing and joking about what her gut is telling her now.

“We’re still filming. We just did a photo shoot and some other things. But I can’t really go into detail. I’m not at liberty to say…Now my gut is telling me get a dang on egg mcmuffin…I’m hungry…

"But I would love to dish with y'all and tell y'all everything, but y'all have to invite me back in the fall and I promise you I will give you the scoop honey. I tell you my gut will have the same feeling then as it has now.”

She was also tight-lipped about the new stars on the show and suggested that while we have seen some rumored returners and fresh faces filming scenes with the stars, that’s not a confirmation that they’re joining the series.

“There’s a lot of rumored people…Well you know…There are a lot of pictures. We’ve done, like I said, scenes, and they’ve let the press be there. So they’ve caught pictures of Sheree [Whitfield]. They’ve caught pictures of Kim Fields. You know, all these different people I can’t confirm exactly who is on the cast or not because I really don’t know. All I know is that season will be built with a lot of friends. It will have a lot of people that are involved in the main cast members.”

As for her arch nemesis Kenya Moore, Williams, who plans on hitting the music scene in the near future, said they’ve changed their enemy status since the last season.

“Actually we’re getting along just fine. I think both of us were ready to forgive. Maybe not forget but move on. Grown women who are doing things in our communities. I don’t feel like arguing.”
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