Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Was Porsha Williams Really Dating A Married Man?

There were no books on Sunday's The Real Housewives of Atlanta", but there was plenty of "reading" going on.

"What you're witnessing right now is NeNe Leakes getting read," said her former BFF Cynthia Bailey about the ongoing battle between Leakes and Claudia Jordan in Puerto Rico.

It was Team Leakes vs. Team Jordan, after the wives were invited by Demetria McKinney to hear her perform.

"I usually try and keep it classy and above board, but I draw a line when I'm called a whore," said Jordan, who took on Leakes after she continued to give her the cold shoulder and Phaedra Parks continued to diss McKinney. 

"I don't glue hair to my forehead," remarked Jordan, who called Leakes "George Washington" last week in reference to her new, short blonde wig, before taking a dig at her clothing line.

"This is off the runway," said Leakes.

"They don't make that size for the runway," said Jordan.

"I think Claudia said everything that anybody has ever thought of saying to NeNe," said Kandi Burruss.

"I got down on her level, and it kind of felt good," said Jordan, while Kenya Moore added, "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a beast."

McKinney and Parks did make amends before the "sex on the beach" party that Burruss held.

"I'm glad Demetria apologized," said Parks, who hugged McKinney. "I'm glad we're moving past this so we can more forward … I won't say anything about your music career."

The party did touch on one dirty secret: Porsha Williams's covert long-distance boyfriend. 

"I don't know who Porsha is sleeping with at night," said Leakes, after Moore hinted that Williams was "the other woman". "I just know Porsha's able to date someone internationally and drive a nice car."

And Jordan took it one step further on the bus trip to see McKinney perform (where she and Leakes continued to feud over their hair and careers, before Leakes apologized to her).

"Why can't you just move on?" Williams asked Jordan.

"I don't appreciate the double standards," replied Jordan, who was upset that Williams laughed when Leakes demeaned her. "You found that entertaining? I know for a fact the man who bought you a car is an African married man," she continued, citing mutual friends.

"Porsha's Rolls Royce came from a married man," said Moore, as the wives flashed blurred cell photos of the mystery man.

"After the exchange on the bus, I'm definitely ready to go home," said an upset Williams. 
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