Sunday, January 4, 2015

Report: RHoA Producers Banning Alcohol From Future Reunions
Last season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion set records for Bravo in terms of ratings — but not necessarily for the most positive reasons. In fact, while millions were glued to their TV sets during Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore’s hair-pulling brawl, many were upset by the network’s choice to allow these women to get to that place. But that’s all about to change.

Just the other day, we were telling you about how, according to’s insiders, the RHoA producers are cracking down on the ladies from the ATL this Season 7 reunion special, which is fast approaching. 

“Producers have drawn a very hard line in the sand, and have reached out to each of the ladies making it very clear, there will be no violence tolerated,” the source explained. “There will extra security on hand, prepared to deal with any potential problems.”

And it’s not just the added guards that will be a visible change in the recap episodes. The insider reveals that the Housewives will be “required to sit in their assigned seats,” and only permitted to leave them for breaks or with permission. “Any deviation will result in immediately being removed from the filming, no questions asked,” the report states.

But what might be the biggest change to the taping is that, for the first time in 37 collective seasons of the franchise, alcohol will be banned from the set. Yes, that means that these cocktail-loving women won’t be able to sip on their nerve quelling sauce prior to all that confrontation!
Place the blame for this where it lies: Porsha Williams.

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