Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jeana Keough Confirms Return To Real Housewives Of Orange County?!?
Jeana Keough’s RHOC 2015 return could once again blur the lines of BravoTV roles. Jeana Keough has returned to RHOC off and on for several seasons since her departure as a full housewife. But LALATE can exclusively report that in each return Jeana Keough did not secure a contract provision that would entitle her the full Housewife badge. Could next season be the same? 

Jeana Keough’s return to RHOC is not anything new, LALATE can exclusively report. And while Jeana just teased fans about details this week, LALATE can report that her co-stars (and even new cast members) already knew it was happening. 

BravoTV production’s Evolution Media has had a long history of wanting former RHOC co-stars to return to the series. But the manner in which they return is problematic. In 2012, LALATE exclusively reported the RHOC 7 was set to debut with new face Heather Dubrow. Dubrow, a seasoned Hollywood vet at the time, secured a full housewife provision for herself. Nevertheless the season did not star with Heather initially. Rather it began with Peggy Tanous. Tanous shot multiple episodes for RHOC7 and then exited the series. But when RHO7 aired, Jeana Keough, Peggy Tanous and Heather Dubrow all had scenes, and only Dubrow got a top credit. In fact, neither Tanous nor Keough got even a “friend of housewife” title that season despite significant scenes. 

Jeana tells fans this week that she wants to return to the show. But LALATE can report that she has hardly ever left, filming virtually every season since her last full housewife season. But for reasons never explained, Jeana has not secured a full housewife contract in many years. 

But if you think the RHOC credits on the TV broadcast are the same on DVD packaging, think again. During the 2011 season, Jeana Keough and Fernanda Rocha were both added to the cast once again. Rocha was confirmed by cast to be a full housewife. When the show when to DVD, Rocha on the packaging got that top credit. When the show went to TV, Rocha got no credit. What happened? 

Keough’s entrance to the show could seemingly serve only one purpose: to create tensions with Tamra Barney. In 2011 LALATE reported “While Bravo has yet to give credit where credit is due, Keough was the singularly most explosive storyline in the penultimate and final episodes this season. Real Housewives of OC this season typically drew an approximate 1.5 ratings share. But the finale in which Keough takes on Tamra Barney drew an unprecedented 2.88 ratings share. The finale drew the highest rated episode of the season and seventeen percent increase in viewership since last year.” The credit was all Tamra vs. Jeana. Since that scene aired, Jena has hurled ton of massive allegations against Tamra (and Eddie). If Jeana joins RHOC again, expect all those allegations to come back to the front.
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