Monday, October 6, 2014

Teresa Aprea's Big Secret Is Out
Jim Marchese doesn’t just stir the pot: He picks it up, shakes it, and dumps the contents on the floor. This week, the hellish Housewives vacation in Boca Raton, Florida, continues with Amber’s husband antagonizing ex-best friend Bobby Ciasulli, Bobby’s girlfriend Nicole Napolitano and her twin sister, Teresa Aprea. Bobby, who had locked himself in the bathroom last week after an argument with Nicole, comes out when he hears that Jim accused him of cheating. 

“You’re telling me I got a girl?” he fumes. Jim doubles down, saying he saw pictures: “She had big, fake t—s.” 

Jim has made himself so unwelcome at this point, everyone just trashes him openly. After cancer survivor Amber smokes a cigarette (!!) and cries about her husband’s appalling behavior, Dina says in front of Jim, “I’m sorry you’re married to a d--k.”

Teresa then piles on, telling Jim he has a “Napoleon complex.” Jim fires back, calling her “an uneducated dumb fuck” and says that Teresa’s husband Rino “tried to f—k [Victoria] Gotti so he could be a wannabe gangster.” 

Jim also claims that Rino was “banging” a “Russian stripper.” Teresa then asks him, “Do you think he didn’t date a stripper?”

Jim replies, “No, but I think he f-—ked your mom.” 
Whoomp, there it is. The rumor -- started by Victoria Gotti weeks ago -- is finally out in the open. To her credit, Teresa keeps her cool at first. “He’s sick,” Teresa says as a furious Amber pushes Jim up the stairs to bed. But after a minute, Teresa gets upset and lashes out when Dina reveals that’s the secret she had been trying to tell Teresa earlier on the trip.

“Don’t you dare talk about my mother!” Teresa seethes. Dina fires back, “I never said anything about your mother.”

The next morning, a disgusted Teresa leaves Boca for Delray Beach, where she and Rino have a house. The exodus continues at breakfast when Dina asks Amber and Jim -- who are happily eating eggs and behaving as if nothing transpired -- to leave. “Get up, pack your bags, and go,” Dina says.

And then there were five: Melissa and Joe Gorga, Dina, Nicole and Bobby. Even with the troublemakers gone, the vacation doesn’t continue drama-free. During a yacht ride that afternoon, Dina pulls Nicole aside to talk about Bobby locking himself in the bathroom and not standing up to Jim. “You deserve so much better,” Dina tells her. She explains in an interview that she doesn’t trust Bobby. “I don’t think Bobby’s with her for the right reasons. So I’m hoping it turns out that he really does love her, but I’m thinking he may be using her to get closer to the cool kids.” Nicole brushes off her concerns saying, “I know he loves me.”
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