Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dina Manzo Allegedly Had A Meltdown At 'RHONJ' Reunion Show
Dina Manzo had a meltdown involving her family feud with Jacqueline Laurita during the taping of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show on Sunday, has exclusively learned.

Although Manzo’s sister-in-law Laurita wasn’t at the reunion shoot, her daughter, Ashlee Holmes, a makeup artist, was on hand to do Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri’s makeup.

And when Manzo saw Holmes in the makeup room, she went ballistic, a source told Radar.

“Dina flipped out,” the source said. “As soon as she saw Ashlee, Dina threw a little tantrum and asked to have her removed.”

And incredibly, Bravo bowed to Manzo’s request, as “production removed Ashlee from the main floor and into a separate room to work on the makeup.

“This made no sense, as Ashlee hadn’t done anything wrong. She just showed up to do her job.”

But reality show firebrand Manzo, 42, continued to rail about her niece, 23 — and more viciously, about Laurita, 44.

“Dina was ranting and raving that she will never film a show with Jacqueline ever. I suppose she thought Jacqueline was going to show up to the reunion since Ashlee was there, but Jacqueline wasn’t because she was set to be a keynote speaker at an autism conference for the Talk About Curing Autism Foundation in California that day,” the source noted.

As RHONJ fans know, Laurita’s son, Nicholas, 5, has battled autism and the housewife has shared his emotional milestones on the show.

But in a less heartwarming family situation, according to the source, Manzo’s fussing didn’t end when the reunion show taping did.

“When the day wrapped, one would think the feud was done, but it wasn’t,” the source sighed. “Dina and her daughter Lexi continued to make passive aggressive tweets in an attempt to strike at the Laurita family on social media and behind the scenes.”

In fact, Manzo wrote to her followers on Twitter, “Reunion is in the can…happy this is over.”
"Ashlee hadn’t done anything wrong...", right and I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you for $5. Anyway, as I've stated many times on this blog: Dina Manzo is a narcissist, which doesn't make her a bad person, just someone who thinks she's more important than what she really is and her actions over the years prove it--from comments she's made about leaving 'RHONJ' that alluded to her being so "above the drama" to making it seem in interviews prior to this season starting that she only came back to the show because Bravo kept "begging" her to come back. And while the real truth about why Dina is still estranged from brother Chris and sister Caroline may never come out, I truly believe it has more to do with Chris' wife Jacqueline (hey, Jacqueline and Caroline didn't always get along either and considering what an instigator Ashlee Holmes is, we all know the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree) then people let on and Dina feeling hurt about Caroline not leaving 'RHONJ' when she did. Still, even with Caroline and Jacqueline not being there, Dina knew the risks of coming back to do 'RHONJ' what with being back in the public eye/spotlight, having plenty of first-hand experience with the way Bravo edits and yes, even the chance that Jacqueline, having too much free time on her hands, might want to return (hey, Caroline has her own show now so she could care less about 'RHONJ') to the show. I say even though that nice Bravo paycheck will no doubt tempt her to stay, Dina will use Teresa Giudice heading to prison soon as an excuse to exit stage left for good as she wants no part of possibly having to share any screen time with Jacqueline, much less the same "drama" she claimed to have left 'RHONJ' for in the first place.

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