Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tamra Barney Confirms She’s Back On ‘Real Housewives,’ Not Replaced By Vanessa Bryant
Tamra Barney will be back on The Real Housewives Of Orange County for another season despite reports to the contrary. According to LaLate, Bravo has invited the whole cast back to film the new season of the reality show and, apparently, everyone has accepted the offer. Evidently this is the real deal because Tamra retweeted the message on Twitter, which was her way of letting her followers know that she will indeed be back for more drama.
According to The Christian Post, however, Bravo wanted Tamra gone. Instead of firing her, they’ve decided to try something else. The network has extended an offer to Vanessa Bryant, who may or may not have accepted. According to sources, Bravo producers don’t want to “fire” Tamra for fear that she might do something nasty to get back at them, so they’ve hired someone who will give her a good run for her mouth, er, money.

“No one needs to fire Tamra. After filming a few scenes with Vanessa, she’ll leave on her own. Vanessa is a firecracker, Tamra is no match for her and she knows it. Tamra would rather quit the show than let Vanessa make a fool of her. She is already insecure about shooting with Vanessa because she is so much younger and richer than her. In Tamra’s eyes she was always the hottest housewife on ‘RHOC,’ and now that is all about to change,” said a source.

Although Tamra Barney has said that she doesn’t have plans to leave RHOC, an over-the-top argument could push her to leave. Whether or not that’s the hope is unknown, but many fed up fans aren’t too happy that Tamra has been invited back. Many fans just about had enough of her after last season. Sources say that production was also fed up with her and that they were ready to make a move to end Tamra’s time on the popular Bravo show. It’s unknown why Tamra didn’t get fired — perhaps the media didn’t get this one right. Or maybe Bravo just likes the friction.

According to The Inquisitr, Tamra has a lot of stuff going on in her real life. While the show might be really dramatic and stressful for her, it’s something that she seems to enjoy nonetheless. She has good times and bad times, but overall she’s making money and it’s working for her.
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