Thursday, December 3, 2015

Phaedra Parks Reveals Why She Didn’t Make Cynthia Bailey’s “Bachelorette” Party
Phaedra Parks managed to keep herself out of harm’s way when she turned down the invitation to Cynthia Bailey’s “bachelorette” party, but it wasn’t a feud with her castmates that kept her from boarding the boat.

In a new interview with, Phaedra reveals the real reason she didn’t make it to the event was simple: she was spending time with her sons.

“I had every intention of joining the ladies for the boat trip. Unfortunately, both of my sons came down with ear infections and viral tonsillitis the evening before. They were miserable and really needed to be comforted by me. Being a mom is my first priority, and no boat trip could ever keep me from soothing my ailing sons,” says Phaedra.

“The real reality is motherhood often includes many sleepless nights, very long days, and sometimes you have to drop what you're doing and put on your mommy cape for you children.”
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