Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Phaedra Parks & Kim Fields Fine With Violence Against Women

For the second time this season, Kenya Moore felt the need to kick someone out of her abode and it led to violence.

She is just that magic reality show elixir! Bring her to boil and poof! Drama!

A few weeks back, she tried to kick Shamea Morton off a boat and that indirectly led to the Cynthia Bailey/Porsha Williams clash. This time, Kenya wanted Tammy’s nephew Glen Rice Jr. out of their Miami rental. Angrily, he pushed his aunt to the ground while she tried to block him from attacking Kenya and she was knocked out. Tammy was taken to the hospital but was ultimately okay.

A former Georgia Tech basketball player, Glen has gotten in trouble before. According to a Buzz story in October:
The younger Rice, a Walton High School graduate, was dismissed from the Tech team in March 2012 by coach Brian Gregory following a charge of permitting unlawful operation of a vehicle related to a shooting incident outside an Atlanta nightclub. He went on to play in the NBA Development League.
He played 16 games with the Washington Wizards from 2013-2015.

Glen was then shot in the leg this past October outside T.I.’s restaurant Scales 925. That apparently happened soon after this Miami trip.

Kenya felt justified in her actions in both situations. When it came to Glen, “it felt like it was escalating,” she said. “I noticed this behavior seemed aggressive. He was acting in a threatening way.”

Indeed, Glen had a bad attitude from the moment she tried to engage her in Miami. He also popped off at Kandi Burruss for no particular reason. “He was mean mugging me!” she said.

Not that everyone agreed that Glen should have been booted. Phaedra Parks, for instance, felt that black men tend be targeted too often as threatening.

“We have to careful about labeling,” Sheree Whitfield said to Phaedra in a separate conversation.
Phaedra: “It’s not cool what Kenya has done. She is like any white woman in suburbia who becomes afraid.” Phaedra then got tearful thinking about visiting Michael Brown‘s mother in Ferguson last year.
As much as it's hard for anyone to agree with Kenya, the minute that a-hole Glen Rice Jr. started in on PREGNANT Kandi, you didn't have to wait till he knocked his aunt Tammy down to the floor to know that Kenya was right to kick him out the house and the guy's a coward who has no problem verbally and physically abusing women.

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