Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kenya Moore Blasts Kim Fields For Being 'Too Boring'
Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” nice girl Cynthia Bailey once said that it doesn’t always pay to be nice and quiet on the show. And that point was proven, once again, this week when “RHOA” bad girl Kenya Moore blasted her more timid cast mate Kim Fields for being too “boring.”

As viewers of the new season of “RHOA” know, unlike her other cast mates, Fields seems to have little knowledge about throwing shade and often spends most of her time on camera discussing her real life at home with her family.

And for Moore, that just doesn’t make for good reality TV and she blasted Fields for not providing any entertainment value to the show.

“I have a hard time remembering that Kim is on the show because when I do see her I fall asleep,” Moore said in a new interview with OK! magazine. “I have to wake myself up and go ‘Oh, I must’ve missed half of what she was doing because I’m bored.'”

So far in the season, Fields and Moore have only had one disagreement, in which Fields questioned whether Moore had been instigating an argument between Sheree Whitfield and “RHOA” newcomer Shamea by sharing gossip. Although the disagreement was minor, Moore seems to have it out for Fields because she blasted the former child actress for having multiple breakdowns on camera while missing her family.

“It’s a strange situation. I’ve never seen a woman near 50 cry from being away from her children or away from her husband for actually less than 24 hours,” Moore said.

As with most newcomers, Fields has been struggling to adjust to life on reality TV, but Moore said she has no advice for Fields on how to cope becasuse Fields’ drama only concerns her family life.

“I don’t think the drama with the women is the issue. I think it’s her own issue with actually having to be away from her family. I’m not sure if our drama really affects that. I don’t know if she’s ever had a job where she’s had to be away from them and that is a major issue for her. I don’t know really how to advise her on to have a more functional relationship,” said Moore.
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