Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shannon Beador Accuses Meghan Edmonds Of Lying About . . . Charity
The Real Housewives of Orange County's whine tour of Napa continued Monday night, with Shannon Beador and Meghan King Edmonds battling over – of all things – charity.

"You can't insinuate I'm not charitable," said Beador, who upset the new Housewife when she abruptly ended a call and didn't return a text from Edmonds asking questions about a charity event she was hosting. "Who do you think you are, Miss 30-Year-Old?"

"She thinks I'm trying to paint her as a bad person," said Edmonds, who then apologized to Beador. "I'm really sorry … I feel awful."

"I felt completely ambushed," replied Beador, upset anew. "I bend over backwards for my friends."

"I didn't give you that impression," said Edmonds. "You didn't even respond to my text message."

"I have a private cell phone number," said Beador.

"Congratu-f---ing-lations," Edmonds said sarcastically. "You have a private phone number. Who do you think you are? The Queen of England?"

"Had I known I was getting a call," started Beador, to which Edmonds cut her off: "You would have been nicer?"

This time, Beador tried to apologize, but Edmonds responded, "I'm not going to accept a bulls--- apology."

"I feel like I'm in middle school," said Beador. "Adults don't act this way."

But the whine (and wine) didn't end there.

Edmonds ended up inviting all of the Housewives – except Beador – to her wine procurement event for juvenile diabetes research.

"This may turn things into DEFCON 4," warned Heather Dubrow – and it did.

Vicki Gunvalson bailed on the party and took Beador out for drinks while Tamra Judge tried to teach the newbie the dangers of being the "mean girl."

"The only Shannon I know is the one who blew up in Napa," said Edmonds, who stuck by her guns. "I don't want that in my house." 
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