Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gretchen Rossi Talks Beauty, Brains and Big Plans
Starpulse’s Jeza Belle sat down with “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gretchen Rossi, for a one on one interview. Gretchen shared the success she’s having with her businesses as well as her thoughts on babies and marriage with boyfriend Slade Smiley.

Tell us what’s new since Season 7 of RHOOC wrapped?
Lots! There have been many ups and downs. My businesses continue to grow and expand. In my personal life however, I’ve had some tough circumstances going on lately. Slade’s youngest son Grayson went in for major brain surgery in New York and had some big complications. He was in ICU for three months and only just now is being moved to a different facility. There has been lots of bi-coastal traveling, worry and emotion on both Slade and my parts for his son.  On top of that, I’ve had some issues with a court case that has been going on for the last four years, but I won and am thankful to have that wrapped up. Lots of stress!

Our heartfelt best wishes for Slade’s son. I read recently that Slade and you were trying to get pregnant and have a child of your own as well…any news on that front?
Slade and I have been talking a lot about babies and have even spoken to some doctors. He had gotten a radio show, ‘Radio Slade’, and had been focused on that while I’ve been working hard with my companies. But, babies are definitely a point of discussion for both of us as eventually we would love to have a family.

Would you prefer a boy or a girl?
It’s a cliché, but it is the truth that at this point I just want a healthy baby. I am thirty five and of course the older you get there can be complications. However, that said, Slade has two boys and as fun as it would be to have a girl in the family, I’ve always had the feeling that I would have boys. It could be fun to have a girl to change things up though.

You are the Barbie of the OC in so many ways with your girly-girl style. In fact, your collection even offers bling for the bottom of a gal’s pumps! How odd would it be for you then to have a boy?
Thank you…I actually take pride in being girly-girly! I can’t lie over the years I’ve been out with my friends buying things for their little girls and have bought a few things I could not resist along the way. You know I love the bling and the girly thing so I have a few pieces I’ve gotten over the years just in case I do have a girl one day. I won’t be disappointed with either and actually would love to eventually have one of each!

Marriage came up quite a bit in the last season, any chance you and Slade will get married in the future?
Definitely it’s a possibility for the future.  I don’t feel like we need the license to show that we are in a loving committed relationship. However, the more the idea of kids comes into the conversation, the more I’ve really thought about the idea of marriage as a possibility. We’ll just have to play it by ear.
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  1. Notice she said twice that he "had" a radio show. Guess he's unemplyed again? Dump the loser.