Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sonja Morgan Talks Secret Weapon for Surviving ‘Real Housewives’ Filming
Where does she get all that energy? The Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan shares with Us Weekly her secret for surviving the grueling days and nights shooting her Bravo reality show: staying properly hydrated.

But Morgan doesn’t do anything without a little pizazz, so normal water doesn’t cut it for the 53-year-old who turns to HFactor water, a hydrogen rich water.  

“When we’re filming Housewives, HFactor is a total lifesaver,” the longtime Housewife tells Us. “I’ve been trying to cut down on coffee and hydrogen water gives me a clean boost of energy. I’m obsessed.”

The jetsetter — who has been actively documenting her current trip to Paris on Instagram — also praises the beverage for being a savior during traveling, explaining that it helps cure her jetlag.

Since the ex-wife to JP Morgan heir John Adams Morgan famously took a pause from drinking during the filming of season 8 in 2016, Morgan has been leading a healthier lifestyle, telling Us Weekly last spring, “I don’t want to be out drinking all night.”  

So while HFactor, which retails for $18 for six waters, has the potential to improve hangovers, that doesn’t seem to be the primary need for the mom to daughter Quincy these days. Instead, she can reap such benefits as improved energy levels and improved circulation.
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