Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Matt Jordan Says Todd Tucker & Peter Thomas Coached Him Into Getting $10K From Kenya Moore
Matt Jordan is steaming mad at two real housewive’s husbands and he’s throwing them under the bus.
Kenya Moore’s ex who recently called her a “lying sack of s***” for promising him he’d be paid $10,000 to film the reunion but renigged, took to Instagram Live to air out his grievances with not only Kenya but with Peter Thomas and Todd Tucker.

According to Matt, Cynthia Bailey’s ex and Kandi’s husband coached him into getting a $10K payout from Kenya—much like they get from their spouses to film RHOA.
“Bruh, you need to be asking shorty for at least 10% of what she makes, that’s what our ladies give us,” Matt says Peter and Todd allegedly told him in the video obtained by AllAboutTheTea.
“They getting all in my ear. And I’m like, y’all girls are different, my lady is different. That’s dangerous. You guys were married. They were like ‘Yo, Matt, you’re her storyline. You deserve monetary compensation.’”
Matt also once again brought up the allegations that he was promised a $10K check for the RHOA reunion…
“They’re like you’re gonna make ten bands at the reunion. I brought the conversation back to Kenya, I don’t tell her that they said that.”
and added that Todd and Peter betrayed him with their fake friendship. According to Matt Todd told him he loved him but eventually stopped taking his calls and Peter promised him a VIP section during CIAA at his club, but ignored him when he came to town.
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