Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Jacqueline Laurita Just Got Her Fourth Boob Job, May Be Facing Ax From 'RHONJ'
In the Real Housewives franchise there are two sets of women: Those who adamantly deny getting plastic surgery (even if photos suggest otherwise) and those that wholeheartedly embrace it. One city that tends to fall into the latter category is New Jersey. Teresa Giudice had her girlfriends help her pick out her new “bubbies.” Siggy Flicker made the most epic entrance onto the show filming her first scene in a scarf and bandages after getting a face lift. And longtime housewife, Jacqueline Laurita, has always been very open about her many plastic surgery ventures. And her latest (her fourth boob job) is so memorable, we’re unveiling the results of her cup size reduction and breast tissue reduction right here.

After being unhappy with her breast size for years and getting increasingly fearful that her silicone implants could rupture without her knowing it, she decided to take her 7-year-old silicone implants out three years early (they need to be changed every 10 years), and go for something much smaller and much, much safer. Back in December Laurita made the decision to ditch silicone altogether for Ideal Implants. Ideal is made of a saline solution that offers the feel of silicone gel, with the safety of saline inside (which means that if they leak, your body will absorb the saline safely).

Laurita had breast surgery after all three of her children were born, but always opted for silicone-gel implants over saline back in the day because she wanted a natural feel. “At the time saline weren’t natural-feeling and could ripple along on the sides and feel like water balloons, so I went for the silicone because I wanted natural-feeling boobs,” Laurita tells PeopleStyle.

But as time went on, she heard more and more horror stories of silicone implants rupturing — without the woman even knowing. Her friend’s ruptured and spread all throughout her body, much like Yolanda Hadid’s situation, chronicled on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Even with her regular MRIs (which anyone with silicone needs to do every two years) she was paranoid. “Anytime I went to get a mammogram and I was so worried I was leaking, or the doctor would make me leak during the mammogram,” she said. “I always had that fear in my head. I was always paranoid about popping the silicone whenever I put any pressure on my chest.”
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