Friday, September 2, 2016

Sonja Morgan Double Downs on Accusing Dorinda Medley of Doing Cocaine
Sonja Morgan isn't backing down after accusing her co-star Dorinda Medley of doing illicit drugs. 

On Wednesday's Real Housewives of New York reunion, she told her co-star: 'Everybody knows you do drugs! Everybody knows!'

And in a blog post shared on Bravo's site later that day, the 52-year-old seemed to be putting her co-star on blast once again, calling her a liar over her denial of claims regarding her cocaine use. 

In a post titled 'I Hate a Liar,' Sonja noted that 'nobody defended Dorinda regarding drug use and they party with her allllll the tiiiiiiime.'

The comment came after she had clarified that she doesn't care about 'who does drugs, drinks too much at parties, is an alcoholic, speaks inappropriately when not drinking, sleeps with married men or just for sex and not working towards marriage (aka friends with benefits/lovers), is the best in business, just enjoys their business, or has no business to really speak of.'

Sonja wrote that she just wanted to have a 'greeeeeaaat tiiiiiime,' with friends, though noted: 'However, I hate a liar.'

She shared that while she's okay with someone being 'mad' at her, 'confused' about their feelings, or even 'a downright b***h,' she then needs for that person to 'speak their truth.'
 'Don’t manipulate the facts and be a hypocrite, because it always comes out in the wash,' Sonja had written, just before noting that no one spoke up to defend Dorinda against drug use claims.
Give it up to Sonja for having the 'moment' of the night, because that accusation really came out of nowhere.