Friday, September 2, 2016

Gretchen Rossi Gives Bullsh*t Reason For Why She Still Hasn't Married Slade Smiley
In April 2013, Real Housewives of Orange County audiences watched Gretchen Rossi flipped the script and proposed to her longtime boyfriend, Slade Smiley. Fast-forward three years, the happy couple is still engaged and confirms that "technically the wedding planning is in full-force," but they haven't marked a date on the calendar for a variety of personal reasons.

Rossi and Smiley, who will celebrate eight years together in February, plan to have a destination wedding for their big day, but hope to welcome a baby first.

"Really, the thing that ultimately held us back from pulling the trigger is the fact that Slade and I don't do anything really small; we kind of do things over-the-top and a little snazzy. Right now, our focus is really on trying to have a baby of our own, and our money and our stuff is going towards that and towards his son," 37-year-old Rossi exclusively tells PEOPLE. "Until we kind of get some of those things figured out, I think it doesn't feel right to spend $200,000 on a wedding right this minute. I think that's why we're at that place."

She says of having her big day with a white dress: "That is definitely my hope and dream. We're just putting our resources into other things that are a little bit more of a priority for us right now. Once we feel like it's appropriate to spend that kind of money on the type of wedding that we would like, then we will definitely consider that."

Though the couple hopes to have a formal wedding, they aren't in a rush to say their nuptials for anyone else's sake.

"The truth is that Slade and I already feel married and we're in a very committed relationship as if we were married, and so it's not something that we feel like we have to have a marriage certificate to qualify our love for each other," she says.
Good to know that Gretchen's still, after all these years...full of it. I mean, it's readily known that Slade Smiley has mad financial troubles that include child support drama, and just in case things don't work out Gretchen wants no part of that mess. That's why they're never getting married.

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