Monday, September 19, 2016

Gamble Breaux Slams Lisa Oldfield after Sydney Star Disses RHOM Again
The Real Housewives of Sydney hasn't even finished filming yet, but that hasn't stopped Lisa Oldfield from making endless headlines thanks to her acid tongue and repeated attacks on the Melbourne Housewives.

And after making yet another catty crack about the Melbourne cast and boasting once again that the Sydney spin-off will best the wildly-popular original, fan favourite Gamble Breaux has hit back at the brunette with her signature wit.

When contacted for comment by Daily Mail Australia, Gamble laughed: 'I hear Real Housewives of Sydney is already getting rave reviews... from its cast!'
The 45-year-old former art consultant added: 'I suggest Lisa save her petty bulls**t for the unfortunate women she will be spending the next four months with.'
Gamble's response comes after politician's wife Lisa bragged to the Daily Telegraph that the Sydney show will be better than Melbourne because: 'We haven't got any women who have married their money in it.'
Lisa then added that she works full-time in the technology sector.
It's the latest blow in the so-called rivalry between the Sydney and Melbourne casts, which has been playing out in the media over the past few months -- mostly thanks to Oldfield's unprovoked attacks.
Back in July, she took a swipe at RHOM, saying: 'I wouldn't compare myself to any of those girls.
The benchmark is so low.'
'The best thing that came out of Melbourne is probably Underbelly so really we are starting very low,'  she added.