Sunday, September 25, 2016

Judge Sets January Date To Hear Motion On Joanna Krupa's Slander Lawsuit Against Brandi Glanville
Reactions to smells, if you believe the latest 100-page motion in the defamation case brought by former reality TV star Joanna Krupa against “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” standout Brandi Glanville, are subjective and statements of opinion.

Cigar smoke, the motion by Glanville to dismiss the 2-year-old lawsuit argues, can be “intoxicating” and “delightful” to some people while odious to others.

Therefore, the motion argues, a judge in Miami should throw out the lengthening case where “Real Housewives of Miami” principal Krupa is asking for big money from Glanville for the latter’s televised claims two years ago that Krupa’s lady parts are stinky.

Actually, the judge is keeping a stiff upper lip and set a January date to hear the motion, one where the absurd — in as many as 156 separate filings and counting — has been pushed to the extreme.

Take Ray Rafool, Krupa’s attorney, for example.

He took time off from playing polo in Ibiza earlier today to discuss the latest by telephone.

“For you and I to say this is a ridiculous case that shouldn't be going through the justice system is easy,” Rafool said. “We’re not the ones who were slandered.

“Everywhere Joanna goes, someone brings it up. She’s trying to save the cougars in California, and wisecracks about female scent spring up.

“People come up to her husband [Miami Beach nightclub owner Romain Zago] and say to him ‘I heard your wife’s … smells bad.’ What do you do?

“In a civilized society, you don’t get into a fistfight over it. You go to court.”

Until Glanville admits she was lying when she alleged that Krupa’s nether regions aren't as neat as she looks, Rafool says, the case will likely continue.

Said Susan Warner, Glanville’s Jacksonville attorney: “This was a nonsensical joke at best, and it could be an opinion — nothing defamatory.

“You need to ask this other side why they’re pursuing this.”

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