Sunday, December 28, 2014

Yolanda Foster Compares Friendship With Brandi Glanville to 'Having a Dog That Doesn't Behave'
Is that supposed to be a compliment? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster stopped by Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday, Dec. 23, and was asked about her somewhat unlikely friendship with costar Brandi Glanville. In an attempt to explain their bond, Foster likened the relationship to that of a dog and his owner.

"My friendship with's like having a child doesn't behave right," she began. "It's like your dog. On the days that the dog doesn't behave right, you don't kick him to the curb. You keep trying. So that's my relationship with Brandi."

The 50-year-old Bravo-lebrity went on to say she believes Glanville has good intentions. "I know deep down in there, she's a really good person, and you don't just always kick people to the side because they don't behave the way you want them to behave," Foster explained of the Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders author.

"I think Brandi probably expects people to kick her to the curb," she continued. "There's something psychologically going on, and I'm not going to give that to her. I'm gonna stick by her until we get her behaving properly and being the good person that she is."
The RHOBH star also opened up to Cohen about her ongoing struggle with Lyme disease, which has been well-documented on recent seasons of the show. "I am struggling at the moment," she admitted to a fan who called in to ask about her health. "It's been a long journey. You know, it's really my life. Every day I wake up trying to figure out how to get over this."

Some days, of course, are better — or worse — than others. "Today especially is not a great day," she shared. "But unfortunately, it's the cards that life dealt me, and I'm gonna figure this out, because I know there's millions of other people suffering just like I do."

Told by Cohen that she's been good about putting on a brave face for the cameras, Foster replied, "I think that's the most frustrating part of this disease, that you look so normal from the outside." So even though she looks fine, she feels terrible. "It's a silent killer," she said. "It's an invisible disability."
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