Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Demetria McKinney Slams ‘Not Cool’ Phaedra Parks And NeNe Leakes
Demetria McKinney is one of the newbies on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she already knows how to serve up drama! In an exclusive interview with, McKinney opened up about her beef with Phaedra Parks and NeNe Leakes, slamming the series vets and revealing what to expect from their feud.

“Do you have time for my thoughts on Phaedra?” McKinney asked during her talk with Radar.

“She is easily intimidated by everybody,” she unloaded. “I understand that life deals everybody a different deck and sometimes the hand you’re dealt isn’t necessarily fair, but turning bitter and turning on everybody around you is just not cool.”

McKinney said that she is “absolutely not” friends with Parks — and that the rumors circulating that Parks carried on an affair with a man reffered to as “Mr. Chocolate” are just karma.

“I know that she’s upset that information is out right now,” McKinney said. “I know it’s really just adding drama to the already drama full life. I can only say that I feel like karma is a b***h and it’s slapping her in the face right now!”

McKinney also said she believes that it’s wrong that Parks isn’t standing by her husband Apollo Nida, during his eight-year prison stint.

“For her to let him take the whole wrap, I think it’s just sad,” McKinney said. “You say so let’s not part through thick and thin and then once it gets thick with something you knew he was capable of, you go running and talking bad about him. It’s just adds to the persona.”

McKinney also doesn’t get along with NeNe Leakes.

“I came into this with a great deal of respect for everybody and I tried to start this journey, even kilter, on a even playing field and let people show me who they were,” she said. “And what I’ve seen from Nene Leakes doesn’t necessarily make me want to go running and connect with her.”
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