Friday, June 28, 2013

Kyle Richards Denies Husband Mauricio Cheating Rumors
Last night, Kyle Richards hosted a fashion fundraiser at her fabulous boutique, Kyle by Alene Too, in Beverly Hills, CA to benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Several of her fellow Housewives — including sister Kim Richards, Brandi Glanville, and Lisa Vanderpump — were on hand to support Kyle, as was her husband, Mauricio, and Bette Smith, Kyle’s and Kim’s manager. On the red carpet, Mauricio planted a big kiss on Kyle, while their daughters danced and modeled David Lerner’s dresses.

Wetpaint Entertainment got a chance to speak with Kyle, and we asked how hard it’s been to deal with rumors of Mauricio’s infidelity. 

So it’s a big family event. Everyone’s involved?
Yes, except my one daughter Farrah, she’s actually sick, so we have a replacement model for her. And Portia didn’t want to come because we’ve been in Cabo so she wanted to stay with her dogs that she’s missed. So we’re bringing together fashion for one of our favorite charities, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and honoring them and raising money for them.

Why is the charity close to your heart?
You know, obviously being a mom of four healthy children, I can’t imagine any greater pain than seeing my child sick, but that’s something that’s always touched me incredibly, and my husband was sick as a child as well, so that’s something that is very personal.

Speaking of him, I saw the red carpet smooch. I guess we don’t have to worry about your marriage.
There is no concern as far as my husband and me. Not at all.

Do you take the rumors in stride?
No!! Hell no.

Was this one hard?
When we signed up for the show, to be honest, we knew and people told us these things could happen but we were na├»ve and thought, “Oh, that will never happen to us — we’re happy, we have no skeletons.” And when it happened we were really shocked and blind-sided.

Was that the first time it was big enough to react to?
Yeah, we were completely like, Oh my God. And everyone’s like, “That’s part of the deal. That’s how it goes,” and I’m talking with my niece, like, “How do people deal with it?” She’s like, “You just have to live with that.” It’s torture and I think it’s unbelievable that people out there can live with themselves and look themselves in the mirror.
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