Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Russell Armstrong Stopped Taking Anti-Depression Meds Two Weeks Before Suicide
Russell Armstrong had been taking anti-depressant medications to control his rage issues, but stopped taking the drugs two weeks before his suicide, is exclusively reporting.

Russell had been taking the drugs for several months prior to his suicide.

Russell was found hanging at a friend's Mulholland Drive mansion last week - his memorial is scheduled for Wednesday.

"Russell had been doing so well when he was on the anti-depressants. He was prescribed the meds to control his rage issues. Russell stopped taking the meds two weeks before his suicide," a source close to the situation tells

Taylor had encouraged her estranged husband to stay on the anti-depressants. "Taylor was very supportive of him taking the meds. All of a sudden about two weeks ago, Russell stopped taking the meds though," the insider says.

Ed Winter, Assistant Coroner for Los Angeles tells us:"No medication bottles for Mr. Armstrong were recovered from the scene."
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