Sunday, May 6, 2018

NeNe Leakes Shares Her Biggest Money Mistake and Love for The Dollar Store
The life of NeNe Leakes is definitely a fabulous one, but that doesn't mean The Real Housewives of Atlanta comedian splurges away all of her coins. In fact, NeNe recently told InStyle that she's "actually a really big saver." 

NeNe got real about all things money during her conversation with InStyle, revealing that she's a bargain shopper, hitting up discount stores like Neiman Marcus Last Call, Nordstrom Rack, and T.J. Maxx for most of her fashion needs. 

But her favorite is the Dollar Store. "I love it there. I really wish I could open one up," she told InStyle. "If you want some good-ass wine glasses, you go to the Dollar Store. Most wine glasses are very thin and break when you put them in the dishwasher. Well honey, the Dollar Store has got some thick ones, same with martini glasses. Whenever I have a party at my house, I go buy boxes of plain white plates there too. The sales person always looks at me and goes, 'Oh my gosh, that’s NeNe Leakes at the Dollar Store!' I’m like, don’t worry about me. You can have all of this expensive stuff at your party, but your guests will be eating off of Dollar Store plates and they don't even know it."

So what does NeNe splurge on? "I can tell you what's worth a splurge to me: eating. People like to talk about going to clubs and stuff, like my club is the restaurant. I'm the girl that orders everything off the menu. One of this, one of that, I want to taste everything. I like to splurge on rounds and rounds of good cocktails too," she shared. "I also spend a lot on my vacations. I fly first class, but honestly I would rather fly coach in order to have a great hotel. You don't really know if any of them are clean, so I want to sleep in a nice hotel and order good room service."
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