Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lisa Rinna 'So Proud' To See Daughter's Runway Debut At NYFW

On Monday morning, under the glittering chandeliers and spotlights of the Plaza Hotel’s Grand Ballroom Lisa Rinna was the proudest momma bear.

Her 16-year-old daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin was making her runway debut, opening and closing Dennis Basso’s New York Fashion Week show, and Rinna, wine-glass smashing star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and today dressed all in white and silver, filmed on her mobile phone every moment and movement of her daughter’s appearances.

The last of those saw her daughter close out the show on the arm of Basso himself—with Rinna sporting a huge, proud smile on her face. It's a far cry from the not-to-be-messed with 'housewife' who can be spiky and angry when crossed. 

Most memorably, when a fellow cast member threatened to dish on some unspecified scandal involving her husband, Rinna smashed a wine glass on a table. 

After the Basso show, the star, who was accompanied by husband Harry Hamlin and fellow model daughter Delilah, told the Daily Beast of Amelia’s appearance: “She was so amazing. She’s so beautiful, we’re so proud. I’m speechless. She rocked it. It is such proud moment. We were in tears. I am overjoyed with pride: to see her open close and then come out with Dennis… I mean what an amazing moment.”

Rinna had bought Amelia to her first fashion show, a Dennis Basso show, when she was 13, she told the Daily Beast. “She saw it. She started to cry she was moved by it so much,” Rinna said. “She said, ‘I want to be a model.’ Rinna paused. “Amazing. What a fabulous day.” 

Basso’s show featured 69 looks, all shamelessly luxe and dreamy; from a hand-embroidered and draped Georgette strapless gown to a glittery, sparkly, don’t-breathe-out tight mini-dress. There was fur—like green sheared mink paired with a hand embroidery paneled coat, and a cream mink and fox cape with pleated chiffon gown. There were jewel and desert tones and a lot of hand beading. And even more fur.
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