Monday, November 2, 2015

Vicki's Real Housewives of Orange Country Reunion Bombshells: Brooks Abuse Claims, Cancer Lies and More
Well, it finally happened, Real Housewives fans. It only took an entire season of mounting evidence and a three-part reunion full of questioning as intense as a Benghazi hearing, but Vicki Gunvalson has finally admitted that she doesn't believe her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers has cancer.

The epic three-part Real Housewives of Orange County reunion has finally come to an end, bringing with it a final hour devoted completely to the insane drama surrounding Vicki and Brooks' relationship and his supposed cancer. And as stunning as it was to hear Vicki cast doubt on Brooks' claims, it was hardly the only surprising thing she had to say. No, this was an hour of truth bombs that left our heads spinning.

But let's start with that first bombshell. After zeroing in on the suspicious report Brooks presented during the season, supposedly from his radiologist at Newport Imaging, which Shannon Beador thoroughly debunked by presenting an authentic copy of their report template, host Andy Cohen asked Vicki point blank what her gut said about the cancer claims. Her answer? "My gut says he doesn't have it." 

That's right, after a season protesting otherwise, Vicki has officially turned against her ex-boyfriend. After collecting his jaw from the floor, Andy pressed Vicki further, asking when exactly she stopped believing Brooks. "I would say probably three months ago, I really questioned him and said to him, 'This isn't making sense. Why won't you give me your reports?'" she replied. "And he kept telling me, 'You have no right…You're going to take them to the women.'" You know, the usual way people with cancer respond when asked to show proof.

As monumental as the moment was, it was but one of many. For much of the hour, the ladies continually questioned whether Brooks had something on Vicki that he was using as blackmail so she'd support his claims. Andy finally asked Vicki if she was scared of him and she replied with a timid nod, an admission that daughter Briana Culberson and fellow Housewife Tamra Judge both got teary eyed over.

Vicki stated that Brooks was "more verbally abusive than physical," but Briana claimed that she and her husband Ryan both witnessed him lay hands on her mother at separate times. Briana continued, saying she saw Brooks shake Vicki so hard, her head was flying back and forth. For what it's worth, Vicki never confirmed or denied her daughter's claims.

Vicki also admitted that the story about her calling Heather Dubrow's husband Terry to find someone to administer an IV to a sick Brooks at home was a complete fabrication. Why did she make up the story wholesale? "I fabricated because I really was looking for compassion from somebody," she said. Shockingly, her plan backfired spectacularly. Weird how lying doesn't garner sympathy!

Beyond that, Tamra also dropped a bomb, revealing that Brooks had been in Vicki's life for much longer than we had ever realized. "My very first year on the show, Vicki and I, we clicked immediately," she said. "And she called me and said, 'Someone I'm very close to has cancer. Somebody that I have a connection with, and now I regret never carrying on this connection.'"

"Pancreatic cancer," she continued. "'And he's dying, and I feel like I need to go be with him and leave Donn and be with this guy.' And I said, 'Wow, OK.' She was crying, all this stuff. It was Brooks. And he lied then."

"And it was pancreatitis," Heather interjected.

"Yeah," Tamra confirmed. (Pancreatitis, for those unaware, is an inflammation of the pancreas that is wholly treatable and certainly not fatal.)
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