Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Argue About Marriage Woes: 'Maybe I'm Just Not in Love'
Things are looking rough Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas' marriage.

In a clip for Sunday's Real Housewives of Atlanta, the couple has a major confrontation about their relationship – and where it is headed.

Thomas says that the couple's work lives have been the priority over their relationship, while Bailey says there is a "disconnect" between them that they need to address because they "can't keep going like this."

"Our problem is we made no time for each other," says Thomas, going on to blame his wife for that. 

Bailey, 47 responds that she's sacrificed for the relationship, uprooting herself from New York to be with her husband.

"I just know that I'm unhappy. What I equate to being unhappy is, 'Well, maybe I'm just not in love with him anymore."

Thomas, 55, pauses before saying he wants to know one thing.

"When did you stop loving me?" he asks.

The couple, who celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary over the summer, have faced rumors of infidelity after a video surfaced online of Thomas getting close with another woman. Bailey told PEOPLE over the summer they were working through any marriage problems they had.

"The show has more than tested our relationship, but I think we're good," she told PEOPLE. "And hey, God forbid we don't make it, we know we tried! We can walk away with no guilt because we know we tried it in ever way."  
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