Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kim Zolciak’s Full Face Lift Revealed By Top Plastic Surgeons
Has Kim Zolciak undergone a facelift? According to a June 2 report by Radar Online, top plastic surgeons believe so.

Although the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star recently denied having any work done to her face, she looks noticeably different, and a number of surgeons agree she’s had at least a couple of procedures done in recent months.

“Kim appears to have transformed! Her nose looks refined, thinner, straighter, and shorter than it used to be. I suspect that she had a surgical rhinoplasty to accomplish this,” Anthony Youn, M.D., who has not done work on Kim Zolciak, explained.
“It also appears that she underwent an endoscopic browlift. Her eyebrows look moderately elevated, and her hairline looks like it’s moved back a centimeter or so, a classic sign or an endoscopic browlift.”
In recent photos shared on social media, Kim Zolciak appears to look much younger, and her skin appears much tighter, prompting many users to comment about possible procedures, and even the use of Photoshop.

Still, Kim Zolciak has stood firm in not having had anything done.

“She has had a rhinoplasty with tip refinement, lower eyelid fat transposition procedure and eyebrow lift with the help of botulinotoxin,” celebrity aesthetic specialist Zara Harutyunyan, D.O.M., R.N., who also hasn’t worked on Kim Zolciak, suspected.
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