Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bethenny Frankel Quashes One Feud...and Starts Another?
The most recent episode of The Real Housewives of New York City—titled "Pop of Crazy"—had everything: arguments, rumors, tears and beef quashing. All the hallmark reality TV tropes were there and checked off, many thanks to Bethenny "I don't want attention" Frankel.

The episode, a continuation from last week's "Birthday in the Berks," picked up with Heather Thomson and Bethenny hugging it out after an intense back and forth about meatballs, fish allergies and Heather being on Bethenny's "jock."

"I just wanted to end the dynamic with Heather. Although I am a reality star, I don't always want the spotlight on me. I love doing reality TV, because I love the connection with the audience, the running commentary, the interaction with the women, and ultimately, the humor of it all. This doesn't mean that when I'm going through some personal s--t that I want people up in my grill. It takes me a minute to get warm. Dorinda [Medley] hit the nail on the head. I am like a squirrel and too quick and too fast makes me skittish and run. I own my stuff," she wrote on her Bravo blog. "I just wanted to hug and make up and keep it moving. I am high strung and uptight. I know. Add that to some personal stresses that are indescribable that I cannot discuss, and you have a situation."

The hugging didn't stop there! Heather and Bethenny embraced again in hopes of further derailing any potential feud at Ramona Singer's holiday party at her bar/restaurant AOA. "I approached Heather, because I really didn't want this to become some insane Housewife rivalry that it isn't. She came on strong. I backed up. That is it. Different strokes for different folks. She is not my frenemy. Life is too short."

Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny had some words, but moved on. Then Kristen Taekman got her turn. Kristen was complaining that she felt boxed out of friendships/conversations…and it's kind of true. She's still the new girl, despite the additions of Bethenny and Dorinda. Both Bethenny and Dorinda have ties to the other women. Well, Carole Radziwill lit the angry flame more when she told Kristen that Bethenny was concerned about Kristen's nailpolish trademark and she reportedly called Kristen dumb.

"I never said Kristen didn't register the trademark. I never said Kristen was dumb. I had no idea about either of these things. I simply questioned Kristen choosing a name that is remarkably similar to another much larger brand," Bethenny wrote. "This moment was nonsense. You will take this ride with me and see."

"I felt that I should just confront Bethenny myself. Seriously, what's the deal here? You barely speak to me to my face, but yet you have plenty to say behind my back? I really just don't get it at all," she wrote. "And once I do approach her, she just dismisses me rudely and walks away! I have made the conscious decision that I don't need any more friends!"
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