What would The Real Housewives of New York City do without the Berkshires? Dorinda Medley's country home has been the site for so much drama, and this season it's the backdrop to the major blowout between Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer. You knew it was coming, Bethenny warned us all about this fight, but seeing it, well, seeing it is another story. And you can see it in the exclusive sneak peek below.

But before you watch, a brief recap: Ramona brought up Bethenny's "acting" past, which included a topless scene and whether she told her daughter, Bryn, about it or if people were asking Bryn about it since the role was making headlines. This did not sit well with Bethenny, obviously, and the two have been frosty since. At the Berkshires, Ramona apologized to Bethenny and assumed everything was all good. She was wrong.

Bethenny said Ramona wasn't a good friend to her, which prompted Ramona to say "Are you kidding me?" numerous times.

"You came over this summer when Dennis was there and you didn't mention my topless movie then because you wanted to wait until you had an audience to do it. And you know what Ramona? That's the truth and that's not a friend," Bethenny says in the preview above.

Ramona doesn't back down because it's Ramona Singer we're talking about. She goes on to list all the things Bethenny has done on camera when she was trying to make it as an actress, to which Bethenny responds, "Mention it all!" while spreading her legs. The conversation then turns to earning al living and making money. According to Ramona, Bethenny dated men for their money. Things take a turn from their and the ladies eventually begin comparing their alcohol sales.
"I had pinot grigio before you did! And I sold 10,000 cases my first year and that's pretty awesome," Ramona says.

"You got into the booze business because of me and you know you did," Bethenny says.
"I drink wine," Ramona retorts.
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