Saturday, February 28, 2015

NeNe Leakes Claims She Was Offered Her Own Show
In a new interview with BuzzFeed, NeNe discusses how RHoA paved the way for other shows and where she sees herself going next.

“There was no Love & Hip Hop, Hollywood Wives, or whatever. There were no African-American shows like that with ensembles,” says NeNe. “We just came on the scene and just did whatever. We had no handbook.”

While NeNe has had her fair share of on-set feuds, she says that, despite pressure to “turn it up” for ratings, you’ll never see her physically attack a castmate.

“I honestly don’t feel like you need to stoop to the level of physically fighting on camera. For what? There is no check that’s big enough for that. I certainly have had my moments of arguments on the show. But physically fighting to me is crossing the line,” she says. 

Despite the drama that’s ensued over the last few seasons and her own admission that she wants a spin-off, NeNe says she’s still unsure about leaving the show behind.

“I’ve been offered my own show. [But] I don’t want the pressure,” she says. “Housewives is an amazing platform. We have millions of viewers. I’m known from that show. I started there. I can’t say that I will remain full time all the time … I always want to see the show do well. So, in order for the show to do well, I feel like I can’t… I don’t want to abandon the show. When the time comes for me to totally step away, I’m sure I will. I just don’t know when.”
Personally I don't think NeNe should ever leave 'RHOA'. Kind of like Vicki with 'RHOC', at this point, regardless of how much screen time she gets, 'RHOA' still feels like it's NeNe's show. So unless she goes full diva and demands the title be changed to "NeNe and Company", I see no reason for NeNe to leave the show she helped build into the huge success it is today.

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