Friday, February 13, 2015

Apollo Nida Raids Estranged Wife Phaedra Parks’ House… When He Should Be in Prison
In the February 8 episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks expressed concern that her estranged husband Apollo Nida was exhibiting troubling behavior in the days leading up to the start of his prison sentence, but she didn’t seem convinced that he would actually do anything to harm her. However, in the promo for the February 15 episode of RHoA below, Apollo shocks his wife when he shows up at the house they once shared on the day that he was supposed to head to prison. We remember reporting on this incident when it actually happened several months ago, but it’s even more terrifying to watch.

Oddly enough, Phaedra is in the process of changing her garage door locks when Apollo drops by for a surprise visit. “Why would you lock me out of my own house?” he asks Phae-Phae as he charges inside.
“You’re supposed to be reporting to prison today,” she retorts. Though the mom of two keeps her cool, her assistant wonders if they should call the police.  

“He was supposed to actually be in custody several hours ago,” Phaedra tells the Bravo cameras. “But because it is Apollo, I’m not shocked that he’s on the lam.” As we see footage of Apollo tearing through the house and knocking things over for no apparent reason, Phaedra continues, “Luckily our children are with my mom, safe.”

The prison-bound father of two drops one more bomb before the clip ends, but you’ll just have to watch it for yourself to see what he says. Check out the full snippet below!
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