Friday, September 12, 2014

Vicki Gunvalson Bemoans ‘Miserable’ Life With Cheating Boyfriend Brooks Ayers
Since’s video of Brooks Ayers’ sleazy cheating confessions went public, The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has claimed his unfaithfulness is not, and never was, a concern of hers. But now, Radar can reveal secret audio recordings that prove that is not the case. In an anguished phone call to a business associate caught on tape, a desperate Gunvalson can be heard complaining about her “miserable” life with “freak” Ayers — and how the drama surrounding their relationship has affected her career.

Gunvalson was recorded during phone calls with a business associate, in which she discussed the Las Vegas meeting between Ayers and a reputation management specialist that was caught on camera. And what she says about her life and relationship in the calls is shocking.

Though she’s defended Ayers on-air, in the call, Gunvalson admitted to having doubts about what kind of man he really is.

“We’re broken up right now, but I still care about him,” she admitted. “This whole thing has put us in a tailspin. It’s like, what the hell? Are we in like a horror movie? And if he’s really this freak that you guys are telling me, then I needed to know.”

As Radar has reported, Ayers was previously caught on tape calling Gunvalson a “wh*re” and threatening violence. With information like that in the public domain, she claimed on the call, she’s seen her business opportunities suffer.

“I was gonna get an endorsement deal for a perfume line and then they contacted my manager … and they said, ‘You know we just don’t like when you Google search Vicki,” she admitted. “‘We don’t think she’s good for the brand.’ Well, that’s taking away from my family. If I can’t endorse random things … not one person has called me for endorsements this year because of this stuff that came out …”

In all, she admits that while she’s managed to keep a stiff upper lip in front of the Bravo cameras, Ayers and the drama that’s surrounded her relationship with him has made life “really really difficult.”
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