Monday, September 1, 2014

Jeana Keough Called Tamra Barney To Express Support In Child Custody Case
Vicki and Lizzie don’t think Tamra should have anther baby and it pisses Tamra off. Andy brings up Simon suing for more custody and Tamra says Jeana Keough called to offer her support in the case. I don’t believe that. We'll never know what is really going on. Time to review the breakdown and repair of Shannon’s marriage. This season really did suck. Shannon says her marriage is strong and connected and sexual and good. Bless her. I wish her and David well. Shannon is harmless, the only entertaining one, and a refreshing reality personality.

Shannon is annoyed with Heather for claiming things were said by her that she never said. I like Shannon’s balls when it comes to standing up for herself. It is a shame the troubles of her marriage were played out on TV for her kids to see, but in the end Mazel Tov. Heather says her house is coming along and we jump into the fake phone call from Heather to get out of a party. Heather assures Vicki it was not fake and we go into a recap of Heather’s season. Ugh. This is too much. There is nothing appealing about this woman or her husband. Nothing.

Do we really need to be talking to Heather about how she talks and her hand movements for 10 minutes? I don’t think so. Now it is time to review Tamra’s lying. Maybe we will finally get something good because until now I’ve been bored to tears. Tamra is going to try to turn it around on Vicki. Tamra is desperate to save face and she can’t. Vicki calls Tamra a liar and Tamra screams F you and goes after Vicki in a big way. Vicki says Tamra was miserable all season and was jealous that Vicki had such a successful and popular season. Ouch.
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