Thursday, September 25, 2014

Brandi Glanville Says She Wants Her Sons to Hyphenate Their Last Names
Girl power! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is finally putting her well-pedicured foot down about something that really matters: her family. Her two boys, Mason and Jake Cibrian, share a last name with Brandi’s ex, Eddie Cibrian, who infamously ditched Brandi for his Northern Lights co-star LeAnn Rimes back in 2009.

“I would like my children to be hyphenated,” Brandi said in her most recent Podcast One (via All About The Real Housewives). “We’re not together and I did all the work.”

But what inspired this decision? It turns out that inspiration can come from the darnedest places! Brandi had received the gift of three monogrammed Ralph Lauren blankets for her and her boys — but the blankets were initialled with “G” for Glanville. Whoops! “I didn’t want to break her heart because they were expensive,” Brandi said about the gift in her podcast. “And it made me think ‘why not?’”

Why not, indeed! It turns out the legal fees for name-changing (as well as the fight Eddie might put up about the whole thing) are pretty steep, which is giving Brandi a little bit of pause.
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