Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teresa Guidice May Now Be Facing Jail Time

Life is not looking to good for one of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" right now. According to a new report, a Chapter 7 trustee is currently looking into whether or not Teresa Guidice committed perjury by failing to declare stakes she and her husband own in a pizza parlor, a laundromat, and a clothing company -- she also did not fully disclose profits from a book.

With these charges could come jail time, unless this somehow gets sorted out early.

Guidice is not the only "Real Housewife" facing some trouble with the courts -- Danielle Staub is currently the defendent in a lawsuit filed by an ex over her controversial sex tape.

Are we seeing the end of some of Bravo's most popular housewives? Only time will tell if these ladies are able to sort out some of their many problems.
I hope this stuff works itself out because I can't see Teresa being able to handle prison.


  1. She won't do any time, she has 4 children. Though they both deserves it just like any other theif, who would prob. go to jail. They have flaunted their spending over and over, then they claim bankruptcy, come on now, the American public and goverment are not that stooooopid!
    The months before claiming bankruptcy your spending like there is no tomorrow, just buy, buy, buy everything you can and make sure you move into your 5 million dollar home right before you file, no, now that WASN'T preplaned, no way! They can't take the house your living in, so get in before you file. NO, that was thought out, duh! Nope no jail time, but they should be made to pay it back and I mean all of it!! Just think of all the creditors that are out of that money, all the hard working people they duped! These are not the average couple having financial problems, they are fleecing everyone they do business with, and really don't care who they destroy in the process, what about all the contractors who worked on that house, were they all paid? What about Joe's business partner, hmmmmmm?? Just months before filing how do you buy a huge canary diamond ring,hmmmm?? When you are going to file for bankruptcy you know, it's not a surprise, except to the people who trusted you financially!!

  2. and the whole time, Teresa was throwing stones at Danielle... my my my... now look what we have here behind Teresa's doors hey? I call her phony, phony phony. And raising the kids like money is just growing on trees? Isn't tax evasion just as bad as what Teresa was gossiping about Danielle's criminal past? Let's call a spade... a spade.

  3. I only have a few words to describe Teresa trash, trash. She discusses me. Big mouth.

  4. Remmeber Teresa what goes around comes around. Do you not recall how you trash Danielle, and how you thought you were much better.