Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tamra Judge Calls Gretchen Rossi a 'Thirsty Wannabe' After She Comes to Estranged Daughter's Defense
On Tuesday afternoon, Judge, 49, took to Instagram and wrote a negative post about 38-year-old Rossi, in which she called her a “thirsty wannabe” and “#obsessedfreak.”

I usually don’t give this troll any attention because it’s exactly what she wants. But after years of her bashing me and now reaching out to my daughter I must say. Gretchen you are the biggest piece of s— I’ve ever met. Move on with your sad empty childless life and stay out of mine you thirsty wannabe,” Judge wrote. 

“You are obsessed with my life and I haven’t even seen or spoke to you in 5 years. #MoveOn You have NO IDEA What my family is going through or what the truth is, Nor do you care. It’s just an opportunity for you to get your name in the press. #obsessedfreak,” Judge continued. “Funny you of all people should be talking about morals . You have none!

The attack on Rossi comes a day after Judge’s estranged daughter, Sidney Barney, unloaded on the Real Housewives of Orange County star in a lengthy Facebook post, where she claimed that Judge “was no mother to me.”

In an effort to extend her support, Rossi left a comment on 18-year-old Barney’s Facebook post, encouraging her to “stay strong.”

“You have no idea how your brave words are helping so many who have been wronged by your Mother’s manipulation and lies as well….so thank you for being brave enough to speak the truth,” Rossi commented. “I am so sorry your mother and your family is going through any of this, especially publicly, but continue to stay strong. Your morals and strength are commendable and inspiring.”

But Judge evidently didn’t appreciate Rossi chiming in on the personal family matter: her Instagram attack was sparked by Rossi’s comment and featured a screenshot of the RHOC alum’s message. Judge’s Instagram post has since been deleted and Rossi has yet to publicly respond.
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