Sunday, August 6, 2017

Kelly Dodd Attacks Meghan Edmonds Amid Cheating Rumors
Kelly Dodd and Meghan King Edmonds may have made up on RHOC — but now they’re at war again now that the cameras stopped rolling.

Edmonds, 32, revealed that she stopped talking to Dodd, 43, while she was pregnant with Aspen after Dodd sent her a text accusing Jim Edmonds of having a mistress. The women made up when Aspen was 2-months-old, but now Dodd is starting a war again.

“Addressing comments made by Meghan, I was shocked to see her play the victim (as a seven month pregnant woman) when she provoked me originally last summer with a rude, nasty text claiming she heard I had a boyfriend,” Dodd wrote in her blog.

“Which is total bulls***!” she continued. “Meghan and I had not communicated for weeks before I received her text. No, ‘Hi, how are you?’ No pleasantries. Her text came at me from out-of-the-blue, was completely out-of-bounds, a vicious rumor from some random Twitter troll. Sorry, Meghan, but if you want to start or promote bulls*** rumors, you have no pregnancy defense or exemption to hide behind. Don’t deflect your nastiness on me. What surprised me more was that after this flared up between us, we both agreed to squash the matter last summer. What happened?”

Edmonds has not responded to Dodd’s claims yet.

The reality star and the former baseball player were at odds during her pregnancy, but the Cardinals star quickly turned into a doting dad after Aspen’s November arrival.
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