Monday, January 23, 2017

Gamble Breaux Takes A Dig at The Real Housewives of Sydney cast AGAIN
The Real Housewives of Melbourne's Gamble Breaux made headlines in December for slamming The Real Housewives of Sydney and calling them 'feral.'

And again, the petite blonde seemed to take another swipe at the cast when speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald recently. 

The 44-year-old art collector and consultant again called the cast 'feral' and said they'll make her and her castmates look tame.

She said her views come from having lived in her native Sydney - the eastern suburbs -  before moving to Victoria, where she lives in Mt Eliza with husband  Dr Rick Wolfe.

'Sydney women, if they are gold diggers, they are the worst. They will cut your throat. My experience is they can be the most slanderous, evil, and calculated,' Gamble said, adding they try to steal a woman's partner. 

But she clarified she's not entirely sure if the RHOS cast will act the same way as other Sydney women and regrets having a feud with RHOS' Lisa Oldfield.