Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dorit Kemsley Criticized For Lack of Time Spent with Daughter

Dorit Kemsley is the new kid on the block on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Fans have been quick to judge her, calling her out on every little thing she does or doesn’t do. This is typical of the fan base, those who have watched the show for several seasons are invested in the long-time cast members. Kemsley came in through Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, PK happens to manage Boy George. After starting off the season with “pantygate,” things have taken a much more brutal turn for Dorit.

Putting your life out there for the general public to judge can be a hard thing, but it seemed that Dorit Kemsley was handling things quite well. She was responding to things said on social media, defending the things she did and said. After last week’s episode, things took a turn for the worst when some fans mentioned her young daughter, Phoenix. According to All About the Tea, Dorit Kemsley did respond to the harsh critique of her parenting skills. Also, Boy George chimed in to say that he thinks she is a wonderful mother. It looks like talking about her daughter struck a nerve, and they aren’t going to let it fly.

Kids of the women from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are quite often talked about. In fact, Dorit Kemsley is hardly the first reality star to have her kids talked about because of her very public life. Phoenix was seen last week on the show because Kemsley had thrown her husband, PK a birthday party. She was holding her daughter as some of the other cast members arrived and they gushed over how cute the little girl was in her dress. Some of the comments about her young daughter have crossed the line according to some fans. Most believe that children should be off limits, even if the parents are really making it hard to like them.
It is unclear how much of the season will feature Dorit Kemsley with her children. Up until this point, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has only seen Phoenix twice. Kemsley and PK did some filming at the doctor’s office when their daughter had her corrective helmet removed. That was the first introduction to her daughter, and last week was the second time she was seen on camera. Kemsley is not apologizing for the way she is raising her children. The comment that struck a nerve was about the lack of eye contact that Phoenix reportedly had with her mother. She is still a young child and sometimes, it just isn’t always there.

A new episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be airing tomorrow night. It is unclear whether or not Dorit Kemsley will be showing her daughter more this season, but if she does, there will likely be more drama on social media. Fans have come to her defense, telling the people with comments about Phoenix to back off, but it is almost drawing more attention to them. Kemsley has had a lot on her plate this season dealing with her cast members and now, she is the target of online bullying about her daughter. “Pantygate” wasn’t great for her either, but she has spoken out again and again about how that wasn’t how it was meant to come across and that she was really just trying to joke around with Erika. Adding Dorit Kemsley to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was definitely a big move on the part of casting, but it seems that she fits in rather well with the cast, stirring up drama whenever she has a free moment.
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